Hello from Abu Dhabi!

We’ve only been here a few days & we are LOVING IT so far!!! So different from anywhere I’ve ever been before, it’s so incredible!!





Figured I should probably post these as well…











We have made it to Stellenbosch, our very last stop in South Africa! I would go into detail of what we’ve been doing, but it’s quite simple: we’ve been drinking wine & eating a lot of cheese and other fine foods! We spent most of the day at Waterford Estate and absolutely loved the atmosphere! On Monday, we fly to Abu Dhabi for a week and then this whole trip will be over and we will be back “home” in Australia! I hope you’ve enjoyed the updates thus far :)





South Africa!!

We spent the day on Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for the first 18 years of his 27 years served. Our tour guide was also a prisoner on Robben Island at the same time & we heard stories that were experienced first hand! It still amazes me how recent (compared to most things in history) everything happened. We talked to a couple not too much older than us who told us that they grew up being segregated, couldn’t go to certain beaches, restaurants, everything. Even though we had the same thing in the USA, it’s so crazy how much more recent it was here.





Can’t wait to see what else South Africa has to show us!

From Asia to Africa via the Middle East

We’ve had a crazy day! Our morning was spent at the floating markets and running around Bangkok! We said goodbye to our good friend and favorite travel pal, Eggman and made a mad dash to china town for one last hoo-rah together! We took a river boat, taxi, and Tuk Tuk before making it back to our hostel in just enough time to have one last celebratory drink & get a shuttle to the airport! Today we are flying Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Cape Town!


Our flight left at 2:30 am from Bangkok and after running around all day, we were exhausted & my leg was a bit sore, but there’s nothing I could have done about it. I just had to wait for the flight. Most of you guys know that I wear my prosthetic leg all day everyday from the time I get up until I get into bed. Well, my day started at 6:30 and I wasn’t “going to bed” until about 3am, so of course I took my leg off so I could get comfortable! I ALWAYS have a blanket covering me if I take it off, not trying to frighten anyone! I slept for a good majority of the flight, landed & literally couldn’t get my leg back on. It swelled up so much! Luckily with a litter determination, I got it on and made it to Abu Dhabi safely :) I also had to go through security again and of course leave it to the United Arab Emirates to search me in a private “female only” room for my prosthetic.
I need to rest before the rest of my journey commences but hopefully will update my blog once I get to South Africa! See you on the flip side!





Can be SO scary with a prosthetic!! I’ve lost the ability to feel where my “foot” is and trust it’s position. I’m not exactly scared of heights, but when I had to climb down stairs (as in the pic and also ones twice as steep, I have a video! Ahh), I was completely freaking out! It felt like the accident could (almost) repeat itself at any given time. So scary. I wouldn’t recommend anyone with a prosthetic climbing temple stairs in Thailand because they can be unreasonably steep AND some are literally the length from my ankle to my knee…. BUT it sure is rewarding and makes me realize there’s nothing I can’t do! Just so you know, these aren’t just any normal stairs. It was more similar to a ladder! We are off to celebrate our last night in Thailand! Will post again in South Africa!

Until then,

More of our Thailand trip!

We are currently in Krabi, we’ve made it to the mainland of Thailand. We went on a hike up to a temple today and saw about 100, if not more, monkeys along the way! I was terrified on the way up because for one, some monkeys have rabies and attacks are often unprovoked… And two because these steps were ridiculously steep and gain a lot of vertical in not a lot of time. There’s a few photos from today & also a photo from a few days ago on a boat! Everything this far has been great! We love it! We are trying to make our way up to Bangkok for our last stop in Thailand (boo), and were trying to decide our plan. Our original plan includes a 1 hour bus ride to Krabi town, a 3 hour bus ride to Surat Thani, a 14 hour train up to Bangkok, then probably a taxi to our hostel? Our revised plan is a taxi to the Krabi airport, fly to Bangkok (1h 25min) and another taxi to our hostel. Probably a 4 hour journey instead of a 24 hour journey! We will see how it goes! Wish us luck!

Until next time,




Hello from Koh Yao Noi!


We’ve been on the beautiful island of KYN! It’s an island just between Phuket & Krabi if you look on a map! So far, everything with a prosthetic has been just fine! I was quite worried about showering, but so far so good! There are a lot of shower/toilet combo here with seems a bit weird, but it’s super convenient for showering! It’s like I brought my little still with me! Today when we went swimming, I said screw bringing my swimming leg along on our moped (our main form of transportation on the island) so I just chucked off my leg & Angus carried me in! We swam around for about an hour and took in the gorgeous scenery! It’s been an incredible few days on this island, but tomorrow we are moving onto Krabi! We are loving it here, the boys are enjoying the cheap beers & I am loving the sunshine & the gorgeous and welcoming people of Thailand! It’s always funny chatting about my accident to new people and even more interesting when I tell the story to a rock climber! Apparently this island is famous for climbing! Oh the irony!
Angus and I will be up at 6:30am making Siri fill us in on the Seahawks game tomorrow! But if anyone wants to give me play by plays, I would love you for it! There are zero places on the island that will be showing it! Will be wearing blue tomorrow :) GO HAWKS!!
Everything has been great & I hope EVERYONE puts Thailand on their bucket lists! This place is incredible!!

Until next time,

The view from our window!


Morning commutes look different around the world :)

Another adventure!


I went back to Aus for a week & we are already on our next journey! Angus and I are off in Thailand for two weeks and a few other places to follow. We are backpacking, which I am particularly excited about because I was told by doctors that it would be very difficult or impossible to carry something heavy on my back while using a prosthetic. This is the first major trip since my accident (staying in hostels and being in a completely unfamiliar city) and I’m excited to hopefully see I can still do it but also nervous about how things will be more challenging. Here are my concerns especially since I didn’t bring anything I’ve used post-accident but an extra leg with me.
1. I’m nervous about showering. I didn’t bring a stool to sit on, just a small washcloth to sit on in case I need to sit someplace. Showering has proved to be most difficult in new scenarios. Something so simple is so frustrating with one real leg. I guess I can shower with my swim leg on, but then I have a wet leg to store and I don’t get to wash my whole left leg.
2. I’m worried that a hostel we stay at will have a ridiculous amount of stairs.
3. We are staying in a lot of dorm-style hostels along the way, ie getting very personal with strangers and I just hope that I don’t freighted too many people when I have to take my leg off to sleep.
4. I also have this ridiculous fear of someone stealing my leg while I sleep. I know, super unlikely, but it would be enough to ruin my entire trip!
5. I really just hope nothing goes south when it comes to my limb (infection, blister, rubbing). We will be in third world areas and just hope it all goes smooth!

I’m documenting my worries to 1. Show that getting a prosthetic yes, gave me my life back, but it’s not exactly the same! It’s nothing I can’t, or anyone else in my shoes with a prosthetic, can’t conquer. It’s just different and it’s a learning curve. A learning curve I hope to kick in the ass. And 2. Because I want to look back and see if those concerns were valid or if I was just being paranoid (#4 for sure!)

Almost forgot! When we checked in, the only bunks left were two top bunks. I told the lady I had a prosthetic (when she asked me to take off my shoes & I said I couldn’t), and so she offered us to sleep in the other room. This was super super nice of her because there was no one in the 2nd room (10 beds) and they were keeping it closed probably so they wouldn’t have to air condition it. I was so surprised how gracious she was to help when she really didn’t have to. It’s not like we’re staying at the four seasons. We are at a $9/night hostel in Thailand. I didn’t expect much, but am so thankful. I guess that should be concern #6, having to stay in top bunks! Which I guess wouldn’t be the end of the world, I’m just scared of climbing ladders because I can’t feel where my left foot is. I could think it’s on a step, step down with all my weight and slip badly. Which has happened before.

Anyways, we have made it to Thailand after a good 17 hours of travel & luckily got to sleep a good majority of it! Angus is doing exercises on his yoga mat in the middle of the dorm (we have it to ourselves) and I’m trying to muster up the courage to shower.

We have 60 minute massages scheduled for this morning costing us a whole $8 and our friend will meet us here tonight!

I hope I can update this regularly and fill you in on our trip!

Until then,


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